• With its very strong entrepreneurial and meritocratic culture, Advention has created a robust development program that allows consultants to gain in skills and competencies regardless of their previous academic background or work experience, while still allowing fast-trackers to strive.
    Our approach combines a clear development path, an internal mentoring program, together with a corporate training program tailored to each level, from Junior Consultant to Senior Manager.

    Career path at Advention

    Throughout their career at Advention, Consultants are given level-specific development objectives across a series of key dimensions:

    • Analytics
    • Story-lining/ Outputs
    • Process and team work
    • Internal and external communication
    • Interpersonal skills

    Project-specific evaluations are organized with the Manager and VP/Partner in charge after the completion of each project. These evaluations are consolidated and reviewed by the Consultant’s Mentor and Leadership team on a bi-annual basis, allowing for a continuous feedback on each team member’s progression, as well as a tailored development path.

    Advention Business Partners

    Head office: 6 rue Anatole de la Forge 75017 Paris, France +33 1 53 43 88 58
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