• Sectors of expertise

    At Advention Business Partners, we believe that knowing our clients’ industries inside out is essential to providing them with optimal recommendations. Throughout all its projects, Advention has built deep knowledge in a diversified span of industries. Advention constantly keep track of changes in market dynamics and regulatory frameworks to understand what forces shape the industries we work with and how our clients will be impacted.

    Industries and clients of Advention

    We have worked with clients across a wide number of geographies and industries, including:

    • Healthcare
    • Consumer goods & retail
    • Distribution & wholesale
    • Industrials
    • Aviation, aerospace & defense
    • Transport & logistics
    • Travel & tourism
    • Business services
    • Communication, media & entertainment
    • Technology
    • Energy & utilities
    • Financial services
    • Others (social & public sector, etc.)

    Our Clients

    Advention’s client portfolio is widely international and is split between:

    • Corporate clients (80%):
      • Large multinational groups (S&P 500, CAC 40, etc.)
      • Mid-sized global firms
      • Small and midsize businesses
    • Private equity & principal investors (20%):
      • Private equity funds
      • Family offices
      • Sovereign wealth funds

    More than twenty global industry leaders can confirm that Advention has helped them gain reinforce their market leadership and/or improve their performance. 

    Advention Business Partners

    Head office: 6 rue Anatole de la Forge 75017 Paris, France +33 1 53 43 88 58
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